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Based in Trinidad & Tobago, Meiling is amongst the most renowned designers in the Caribbean, whose namesake label has become synonymous with Caribbean luxury. With a meticulous eye and impeccable taste, the designer uses a mixture of texture and organic fabrics, along with her signature hand-stitched details, to bring her pieces to life.

The daughter of one of Trinidad and Tobago’s most renowned seamstresses of her time, Meiling infuses time-honored, artisanal techniques in everything she creates, beautifully representing the rich legacy of artisanal craftsmanship in the Caribbean. Meiling finds a lot of inspiration from Trinidad and Tobago's rich architecture –– from the handcrafted jalousies to the intricate fretwork –– and references to these artisanal details sometimes peek out in her work.

"Less is more" is Meiling's mantra and we see this aesthetic in her minimalist collections that are often done in black and white. Meiling's extravagance comes in the form of exquisite heirloom finishes that adorn her bespoke pieces and which signal to an era of extraordinary craftsmanship in times gone by. Often, Meiling's pieces are worn across generations, which reinforces how timeless the Meiling brand truly is.


The woman behind the brand

Discover the essence of Caribbean luxury with Meiling, a distinguished designer hailing from the vibrant shores of Trinidad & Tobago. Renowned throughout the region, Meiling's eponymous label epitomizes elegance, sophistication, and a profound appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship.

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